Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Monday was pretty good overall. Stephanie returned from wherever. Why does it seem like she is off every other week? I mean is she on assignment those weeks? What gives? As I mentioned in my tweet, I'm starting to get worried about Megyn. I mean, when she's hot, she's smoking, but she starting to get very inconsistent. She needs to understand that she cannot take days off, and she's starting to do that. I don't see Gretchen taking a day off, I don't see Alisyn ever take a day off, I've never seen Martha do that. Megyn is supposed to be the top female at the network now. She needs to represent the ideal Fox female, the top of the group. She cannot look worse than the number 4 or 5 woman there. She needs to look and be the best. If she can't be that, then she shouldn't have the job. I've been recording a portion of the 10 AM hour of Headline News. I don't understand why Richard Freakin' Lui has a job. Why isn't Susan Hendricks on more often? How is it determined who does that hour?

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