Monday, July 14, 2008

Alisyn to the Weekends, Gretchen Takin' Ova'!!!!!

Here is the story.

So this story to me doesn't make a whole lot of sense unless it's because they are trying to fend off Kiran at American Morning, which I kind of doubt, or else this is purely a political play on Gretchen's part to completely consolidate her position. Or it could simply be a move like all other moves, but I doubt it because whenever I evaluate a move, and Fox News loves making moves, I always look at how it inconveniences people. This move certainly only really benefits Gretchen and inconveniences everyone else. It moves Alisyn to the weekends, and it also shuts out Ainsley Earhardt and this new girl Megan Henderson, whom they hired seemingly to work the weekends! Now how smart is that to hire someone from a local station, move them to New York and then tell them, "Oh by the way, someone else is taking the job you might have been up for." Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but then again, the news networks don't seem to put much emphasis on long-term planning. The funny thing about this is that I always thought Alisyn should have taken over the weekend job to begin once she came back from maternity leave and after the Kiran fiasco, but then they decided she would do the news reading and the First hour during the week and Page Hopkins did the weekend. Well, ok, fine, but now Page has disappeared into that place where they send older Fox news women (populated with the likes of Donna Fiducia, Linda Vester, Brigitte Quinn, and E.D. Hill) so I guess they needed someone in the female spot during the weekends, and for some reason it never worked out for either Ainsley or Megan or whoever. Fox seems to definitely be either losing their way or their minds when it comes to scheduling.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, they will reinstate the portion of the show where they would make a big production of gretchen walking back over to take her seat after reading the news -- that was always good for some great capping including leg crosses etc.

Thechairman said...

Yeah I was disappointed that they stopped that. Also, Gretchen used to do a tease for the beginning of the main show by walking over to the set around 6:55 or so. Now of course we won't see that!

Anonymous said...

You never know what goes on behind the scenes. It's conceivable to me that Alisyn could have requested this change in order to spend more time with her children during the week.

Thechairman said...

Could very well be. Prior to this current "vacation", Alisyn had already taken some time here and there. I think she definitely likes having more time to spend with her young family. I think she could very well decide to leave the business and become a full-time mom. I somehow think that decision would not be difficult for her to make, but she may need the money as I have no idea if her husband's income is enough.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, please don't tell me that Gretchen gets the whole three hours.

i've switched to watching cnn this week because alisyn's on vacation.

i can only stand gretchen for a wee bit before my annoyance level with her and the other two makes it impossible to watch f&f


Thechairman said...

Yep, all three. Let the nightmare begin.