Friday, July 11, 2008

Continuing on About CNN

OK, I'll give you another example: Carrie Lee. She did/does (I have no clue) the business news for CNN/HLN. For you old-timers, you know who she is. Used to do a bit of a stand-up for the biz news and would wear some pretty darn tight tops. You hardly ever saw her legs. Sometimes she used to sub in to do the biz news on the old American Morning. She would never wear anything good. It was so disappointing. Someone with looks like that and such complete lack of guts. It was disgusting. At least the girls they have now like Christine Romans, Gerri Willis, and this new girl Poppy Harlow know what the score is. Even Westy does when she doesn't get her seasons mixed up. OK, maybe she gouged her leg shaving but shouldn't you wear pants in that case?

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