Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Maria Menounos, You Suck

Dear Maria:

What the hell is wrong with you. How can you be the same girl who shows up on the shampoo commercials and looks hotter than a 50 megaton thermonuclear explosion. How can you be the same girl who wears skirts that barely cover your ass on Access Hollywood. Why do you always dress like utter garbage when you are on the Today show. Why does NBC bother to fly you out to New York, increase your carbon footprint, and waste money when all you do is look like you stole the curtains out of your hotel room to make a gigantic pair of trousers. You ought to be ashamed of yourself that Jean Freakin' Chatzky, who is about 5% as good looking as you can kick your ass in the outfit department not just today but every day. Hell even Robi Ludwig, who hardly ever wears a skirt, was kicking your ass today. Why can't you look at 8 month pregnant Natalie and see that even she was wearing a skirt and that her foot was stuck 2 feet up your pretty derriere? You have no excuse for dressing like garbage. OK, so tomorrow you're gonna wear something hot and expect me to be all nice about but no way. You've done this too many times to deserve any kind of pass from me. You're in the GNN permanent doghouse as far as I'm concerned.


Ed Mac said...

You know Nancy O'Dell, right? Now that is one hot woman. She doesn't have to wear clothing to hide flaws. Her body is purr-fection!

transitfan said...

LOL, I can't stand Maria, ever since she dissed America Ferrera at the Golden Globes.

Thechairman said...

I wish they'd show more of Nancy's legs than those fast shots, and I wish the damn show was in HD. Maria is not talented at all, and I consider her very overrated. She may have been at her best when she was on ET, and then when NBC signed her away she seemed to go downhill. She certainly is not an asset to NBC from a talent perspective and her Golden Globes performance was widely criticized and NBC was apparently not very happy. She's only around because she's hot and she better realize that.