Sunday, July 6, 2008

C'mon Kate Snow, Pants Two Days in a Row?

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that our pigmentally challenged hostess of Good Morning America Weekend should decide to pants it on this most festive of holiday weekends, but she'd actually not been dressing too badly (for her standards) recently at least so this seems a bit of a step back for her. I am still a bit mystified as to how GMA WE is challenging Weekend Today strongly and even winning once last week. I can't see how it's anything to do with GMA so it must be Today show screwing something up. I hate to think it's Amy's fault but with Jenna replacing her on Sundays, I have to think that move was a bit of a panic step on the producers' part and it's clearly not working despite their earrings-on-a-pig effort to make Jenna look good. And to boot, GMA has one less hour on Saturdays, and the first half hour is usually worthless. Plus they did not have the added benefit of additional visual effects from the likes of Andrea Canning (stand up only) and Biana Golodryga, who could sound and look sexy reading the stock quotes (Yet another one that CNBC lost). Marysol Castro was out and replaced by JC Monaghan, a local weather girl filling in for her from on location (Saturday from the Jersey shore and Sunday from Central Park) and with some really bad picture quality at that, in HD she looked terrible or rather that the HD was terrible not she herself. I'm always a bit put off by women who go by initials, by the way.
CBS continued their revolving door routine with the female host on the Saturday Early Show with Kelli Cobiella, but at least she continued Kate Sullivan's good work from last week. I have no clue who the black girl who was on for a couple weeks was (but she seems vaguely familiar) but clearly she did nothing in the looks department. I wish they would settle on someone but if they are going to rotate among some good hotties, I don't mind. I really think they ought to give it to Susan Koeppen, who has the looks, the legs, the experience and could use that step up.
Today show did not have a appearance from a CNBC hottie; too bad, I wish they could get someone besides Trish Regan to step up to the plate and understand that visual presentation is a necessity. Erin Burnett still thinks she is too cool for school with regard to the dress department but they have so many good ones to dole out that it shouldn't just be Trish. Margaret Brennan, Rebecca Jarvis, Melissa Lee, are you listening to me? OK, probably not, but amuse me a little here. Amy was of course her excellent self on Saturday with her whole family showing up (jeez do you think they are trying to sell her warm-and-fuzzy side a little too hard?) and Jenna at least looking fine from the neck down.
Looks like Julie Banderas was on vacation but she was ably spelled by Jamie Colby on the Fox Report (no track-in sit down shot on the half-hour though, darn) and Uma on the Election Center. I tell you, normally I can't deal with Uma but in short bites she can be quite tasty especially when she forgets about the goofy hose and the odd colored heels.

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