Friday, January 15, 2010

1/14 Caps

S.E. Cupp was more than a Cuppful on Redeye definitely doing nice work to an argyle cardigan. One of the Miracle on the Hudson survivors outlegged Gretchen. Martha Mac was nice in red today. Meredith, NatMo, and Tamron Hall were holding up the Today end of the bargain, not spectacularly, but serviceably. The Primer Impacto babes actually looked good today, they've been rather lackluster recently, not that I mind too much seeing as their picture quality is horrific. Jane Krakowski was friggin' amazing on Conan. She was wearing a damn short dress and stockings with some nice looking tops. There aren't many chicks in Hollywood who are like her and are just a complete babe. Conan is really bringin' the hotness recently, it's too bad he'll be out of a job soon.

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