Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1/5 Caps

Interesting day with a lot of variety.S.E. Cupp (What an interesting name; I'm still find women using initials kind of odd) made a nice showing on Redeye. Too bad the show's annoying but I only watch it for the chicks. Mika Brzezinski was on pitching her new book and showing a lot of thigh. Ann rockin' the sweater dress like only she can. Jenna Elfman made a, uh, interesting appearance on Regis & Kelly. She's about 7 months pregnant but still insisted on wearing a tight black minidress, hose and high heels. She then proceed to not really sit on the stool but kind of drape herself over it. Looks like Golf Channel produced another episode of their travel destination show hosted by Lauren Thompson. Looks like the show is a really a shameless excuse to get her into as many bikinis as possible, which is fine by me, just don't try to sell it as some kind of golf/travel show when it's really a cheap excuse to get her into a bikini. If they would just call it the Lauren Thompson Cheesecake and Bikini Show That Is Barely Related To Golf, then I'd be fine with that. I don't even think she knows which end of the golf club to hold but who cares.

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