Friday, January 22, 2010

1/21 Caps

Pretty good day it would appear. Some interesting stuff on Redeye. Scott Brown has some hot daughters. Kiran sported the ultra dark hose again. Becky didn't want to hang with Leigh Gallagher the Fortune babe. Natalie was sporting the fishnets. She did a sitdown with Courtney Hazlett. She really needs to wear more makeup. Scarlett Fu in for Margaret B. who is in Saudi Arabia. Somehow I doubt she'll look as good as Scarlett did. Alisyn was sporting some major hot hose. The PI babes have been hit or miss especially in winter. For some reason they feel they have to dress all dark and heavy half the time. Go-go was in a real nice wrappy kind of red dress. Kerri Lee of Fox 29 Philly did a sitdown Five Spot for the first time in a while. Mirella and some other chica capped off the night.

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