Saturday, January 2, 2010

12/31 Caps

A day late. Erin Burnett made the most of her apparently impromptu two day gig on the Today show. I still don't see what she brings to the table but I guess the suits want to promote her. Her hair looked real bad. Biana G. did her last substitute appearance and who knows when she'll get another chance. See my next post for more. Nicole Pettalides showing a lot of leg while filling in for Go-Go. They said she was on assignment. Why the hell would she be on assignment on New Year's Eve? Also some bonus caps from the Dick Clark New Year's Eve show, with JLo rocking a skin tight bodysuit and still showing off to the lads why she got hot to begin with, that is shaking her money maker. Also, the way-too-cute Colbie Caillat performed in Vegas.


terry said...

Was Erin wearing shapewear under her hose, or is that thigh highs?

Thechairman said...

Not sure which shot you are referring to, but I'd imagine it's some kind of shapewear. I've noticed previously that some guys (not you necessarily) seem to have this fantasy that girls wear thigh highs a lot more than in reality. Not sure why that is.