Sunday, January 31, 2010

1/30 Caps

Someone explain to me again why Jenna Wolfe has a job. And why Amy seems to be getting screwed. Well, the Today show was saved by Melissa Francis doing the news and a taped segment with Amy. Alisyn wore what look at first to be a bad choice, a longish wrap dress. However it was more like a robe almost, and when she went to stand up in a rather forced bit of schtick, the thing almost flew open. However I think we wouldn't have seen anything because the shirt she was wearing underneath her dress probably reached down low enough but we got a look at her upper thigh at least. Tracy Byrnes also made a nice appearance. They need to make sure that at least one FBN babe shows up every weekend. Betty Nguyen showed pretty good leg. They need to resurrect that old bit they did where they sat down in that fake lounge kind of area.

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