Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1/26 Caps

Kiran was again rolling today in a nice pink and black outfit with sheer black hose. She has not worn sheer black (or hose in general) a lot historically but I think it makes her legs look awesome. It's about the only style hose that I think makes any chick's legs look awesome. Chris Jansing was back with no boots and once again showing how age-defying she is. She's been fooling people as to her age for years and will likely continue to do so. Ann and Natalie were putting it together as well as ever. If they want to look awesome they can. But I think that's the difference between them and the Fox girls, Kiran and a few others like Amy Robach. They always look good, and they don't take days off. OK, Kiran has started to take more days off but in general far, far less often than the others. In other words, I can still count on one hand the days that she has worn pants, not including late in her pregnancies. Martha, Go-Go, and Kerri Lee were their usual excellent selves. Kerri Lee though is the type to take the cold seasons off but about every other day. I'm really getting annoyed with Robin Meade. You know they make it her own show and their obviously trying to sell the show with her assets. Well, if she wouldn't take basically half the year off it'd work a little better, y'think? I also discovered Bloomberg's Hong Kong chica Susan Li, rather inadvertently. My DVR recorded the show because the schedule said it was Margaret B's In Business. I recall seeing that there was going to be a special show. But for some reason either the schedule was wrong or the show got nixed because I got Bloomberg Edge which is their Asian pre-market opening show. I know Bloomberg has a lot of hotties but I can't record every show it'd take too long to go through!

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