Saturday, January 2, 2010

What Do You Prefer?

So look at the one picture of GMA's so-called Dream Team, and the picture of the so-called subs and tell me which one do you prefer?

From 12/31/09
From 12/31/09


snaggle tooth said...

I'll take the weekend crew, the subs, and then the "Dream Team." ABC blew it when they didn't replace Diane with Elizabeth Vargas. JuJu is the only dream team member I like.

Thechairman said...

I think you give Jujube a little too much credit but she is at least more tolerable than Robin Roberts. I have no clue what they see in her. I mean if you want an African-American, tall, Amazonian-looking, single 40-ish newswoman, than I would say Hoda Kotb is a lot more palatable than Robin. I see them as being basically the same person except that Robin is little more, uh, estrogen-deficient if you know what I mean. Jujube was basically a part-timer, she contributed some reports but for the most part seemed to be a housewife. Which is what I call her,the housewife. I mean one time she even did a story on water parks where she took her kids and other family members.

villain said...

I like Juju but thats about it. Subs look real good with Bianna & Tanya Rivero. If they had 3 women it would be great.

Hoda is Egyptian I think, so Tamron Hall would be better.