Friday, January 8, 2010

1/7 Caps

Haven't seen a Kiran sit down in a while. WTF. Only doing the walk. Jamie Colby filling in on ANR. Better than PAB for sure, when the hell is Megyn coming back? There was a nice Melissa Lee shot. In contrast, Margaret Brennan has given much at all. Kind of disappointing following the really nice Scarlet Fu run. Margaret has worn a couple tight blouses though. And Maria Menounos has reappeared on AH. Geez, when is that show going HD? I mean it's 2010 now c'mon. I know those syndicated shows tend to get upgraded last, but it's an NBC produced show and I know their studio has the capability to do HD. I think NBC is too cheap to pony up the dollars. And now that Nancy O'Dell has left, we won't get a chance to see her in HD anymore, unless she shows up somewhere else.

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