Sunday, January 31, 2010

1/30 Caps

Someone explain to me again why Jenna Wolfe has a job. And why Amy seems to be getting screwed. Well, the Today show was saved by Melissa Francis doing the news and a taped segment with Amy. Alisyn wore what look at first to be a bad choice, a longish wrap dress. However it was more like a robe almost, and when she went to stand up in a rather forced bit of schtick, the thing almost flew open. However I think we wouldn't have seen anything because the shirt she was wearing underneath her dress probably reached down low enough but we got a look at her upper thigh at least. Tracy Byrnes also made a nice appearance. They need to make sure that at least one FBN babe shows up every weekend. Betty Nguyen showed pretty good leg. They need to resurrect that old bit they did where they sat down in that fake lounge kind of area.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

1/29 Caps

Mary Walter on Redeye. Once again, to close out the week, Kiran absolutely smokin' again. The drought of sitdowns has clearly ended, but will it continue into next week? Got a couple leg shots of Megyn Kelly from a promo for her new show. Unlike those other guys who managed to get every other shot but the only ones that count! Not sure how that happens when they have four times as many people working as I do, which is one, me! Alisyn continuing a nice backup run on F&F. The theme of today was the dark black hose, with Nat, Martha Mac, Cheryl C. and the Hasselrack sporting them. Melissa Lee seems to like the patterned hose. It seems to make her legs look better because they are not ideal otherwise.

Friday, January 29, 2010

1/28 Caps

Lessee, well, Kiran rolling again, she's really kicking up a notch this week. Not a whole lot on the Today show. Alisyn in for Gretchen. Melissa Lee looking good. Go-Go looking hot in turquoise. Kerri Lee looking very nice in a maroon suit and shoes.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

1/27 Caps

Kiran continuing her roll. Chris Jansing was back in those suede fashion boots. Ann wore that same dress that she's been wearing a lot. She likes to re-wear a lot of outfits. But usually none that are good. At least this one is. ED Hill was on the View looking old and talking about getting a double mastectomy even she doesn't have breast cancer. I think she must have a bad family history. That's about the only reason someone would do that. It's a little radical but I guess if you feel that will be better for you in the long run then you'd do it. Ilia and Barbara were both in red and rojo caliente. Go-Go was in black.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1/26 Caps

Kiran was again rolling today in a nice pink and black outfit with sheer black hose. She has not worn sheer black (or hose in general) a lot historically but I think it makes her legs look awesome. It's about the only style hose that I think makes any chick's legs look awesome. Chris Jansing was back with no boots and once again showing how age-defying she is. She's been fooling people as to her age for years and will likely continue to do so. Ann and Natalie were putting it together as well as ever. If they want to look awesome they can. But I think that's the difference between them and the Fox girls, Kiran and a few others like Amy Robach. They always look good, and they don't take days off. OK, Kiran has started to take more days off but in general far, far less often than the others. In other words, I can still count on one hand the days that she has worn pants, not including late in her pregnancies. Martha, Go-Go, and Kerri Lee were their usual excellent selves. Kerri Lee though is the type to take the cold seasons off but about every other day. I'm really getting annoyed with Robin Meade. You know they make it her own show and their obviously trying to sell the show with her assets. Well, if she wouldn't take basically half the year off it'd work a little better, y'think? I also discovered Bloomberg's Hong Kong chica Susan Li, rather inadvertently. My DVR recorded the show because the schedule said it was Margaret B's In Business. I recall seeing that there was going to be a special show. But for some reason either the schedule was wrong or the show got nixed because I got Bloomberg Edge which is their Asian pre-market opening show. I know Bloomberg has a lot of hotties but I can't record every show it'd take too long to go through!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1/25 Caps

Kiran's been on a serious roll. She showed some amazing leg today. Chris Jansing finally got into the Today show studio. She has really gotten the short end of the stick in terms of opportunities and I really don't know why. I wonder if it's because of her age. She didn't really bloom until past age 40 and by then the younger ones were getting the attention even though Chris is very youthful looking for her age. Maybe her look is a bit off-putting with the large eyes but she's definitely very cute and likable in addition to just being plain foxy. I'm not sure what Natalie was going for with that boot look. I've seen it once before. Not long enough to be hip boots, not short enough to be uh whatever. Beats me. Elisabeth Hasselbeck was pretty stunning on the View. I don't care a whit for her politics and I think she's a complete idiot but she is damn hot. But so is every other chick out there. The PI chicas were hot today but they seem to be really hot and cold this winter.

Monday, January 25, 2010

1/24 Caps

Not a whole lot going on on Sunday. Alisyn wasn't all that great, so I didn't feel like capping her. Jenna Wolfe wore a skirt but somehow avoided showing any leg. Not sure if I missed something towards the very end. Kate Snow was in boots, and Marysol was in rare pants. Jamie was her usual utterly reliable self. Julie was hanging in there. It sure looks like she's due any minute.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

1/23 Caps

Redeye had Kimberly Guilfoyle and PAB on. Not sure why they put KG in the middle seat. PAB looks like a Girl Scout next to KG. Both Amy and Alisyn were satisfactory today, nothing special. Kate in pants, Marysol looking reasonable. Curiously they did "Your Questions, Your Money" behind the desk. I hope this is not a sign of the future. Julie B. and Laura Ingle were pretty good as well.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

1/22 Caps

WSJ reporter Kelly Evans, whom I've never seen before, rocking the classic sweater dress on Redeye. Becky Quick in boots. Ugh, winter sucks. Kiran once again amazing in her trusty red dress. She did an awesome walk back to the desk. They must plan those out, because sometimes she doesn't do it quite long and lingeringly as she did it today. Damn could you see every curve on her body. Martha Mac rocking black hose again. Scarlett Fu once again in for Margaret and looking good. Go-Go yet again looking hot in white. Too bad one of the guys didn't decide to take a long weekend and we could have like Tracy Byrnes or someone else in. Need to get that Sandra Smith in sometime.

Friday, January 22, 2010

1/21 Caps

Pretty good day it would appear. Some interesting stuff on Redeye. Scott Brown has some hot daughters. Kiran sported the ultra dark hose again. Becky didn't want to hang with Leigh Gallagher the Fortune babe. Natalie was sporting the fishnets. She did a sitdown with Courtney Hazlett. She really needs to wear more makeup. Scarlett Fu in for Margaret B. who is in Saudi Arabia. Somehow I doubt she'll look as good as Scarlett did. Alisyn was sporting some major hot hose. The PI babes have been hit or miss especially in winter. For some reason they feel they have to dress all dark and heavy half the time. Go-go was in a real nice wrappy kind of red dress. Kerri Lee of Fox 29 Philly did a sitdown Five Spot for the first time in a while. Mirella and some other chica capped off the night.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

1/20 Caps

Becky in Omaha but no close-up shots that I got at least. The last day for Martha to continue the fiction that she is "in for Megyn Kelly". With the news that Martha is moving to where she actually is now, she's in for herself. Margaret Brennan continued her love of red with a nice red suit. The Fox Biz babes like white, with Cheryl and Go-Go both wearing it. Meanwhile Jamie and Maria M. were in black.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Megyn Kelly Moves to New Afternoon Show on Fox News

Megyn Kelly Moves to New Afternoon Show on Fox News

Interesting news. I'd been wondering why Megyn hadn't returned to the America's Newsroom. Now we know the reason. It's nice that she is getting her own show as it shows that the network is looking to her as one of their stars. My only concern is that since it is only she doing the show, I hope they don't stick her behind a desk or otherwise deprive of good leg shots because the camera will not be as wide. I would think though that Fox knows a lot better and will be sure to incorporate a good set with good camera angles. Even though it may not start out real well, they will tweak and adjust as they see how the show looks and the response that they get. I also like that they are essentially swapping Martha and Megyn. Makes sense to me.

1/19 Caps

A very gummy Mary Walter I believe her name is on Redeye. Kiran doing two sitdowns. Absolutely nothing from the Today show, except for the fashion expert guest. Other than that, the usual suspects.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1/18 Caps

Slow day due to MLK, Haiti, the Golden Globes, etc. Amy Robach was in on Today as NatMo was in LA with Bobbie Thomas. NBC had a few embarrassing gaffes which probably explain why they are botching the late night talk shows. The audio appeared to get really quiet during the interview with the Avatar crew and then there was an echo when they were talking to Bobbie. FBN continued their trend of running their programming during holiday against the CNBC repeats. Chances are the repeats still got higher ratings.

Monday, January 18, 2010

1/17 Caps

Lots of Alisyn in a purple dress with dark hose. A little darker than my taste but oh well. She also had Kirsten Powers and Luscious Lis Wiehl who shows all them other girls how you're supposed to cross your legs. Also appearing was Annie Wersching of 24. Marysol Castro was continuing the dark hose theme of the day. Jamie Colby was as predictable as the sun rising yet again. Laura Ingle provided the only leg in the evening.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

1/16 Caps

The usual suspects being their usual selves today. Kate was in Haiti so not much from GMA. FNC did a special run of news for Haiti so Jamie Colby was pretty amazing yet again in a purple suit that was pretty short. Julie B. wore what is probably the best kind of dress for her now a sweater/sheath type that is still sexy but accomodating for her growing belly.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

1/15 Caps

Evangeline Lilly on Kimmel. Jill Dobson on Redeye showing nice leg. Gretchen Carlson and a couple of political talking heads complaining about something. Martha Mac, the Wolfe and Kelly Ripa all leggy. Margaret Brennan sporting a bronze suit and doing a desk edge "sitdown" with Scarlet Fu and some dude. Liz Claman finally doing a sitdown. Tracy Byrnes filling in on Happy Hour. Mary Lynn Rajskub on Conan. She didn't wear as short of a skirt as she's worn before but it wasn't bad.

Friday, January 15, 2010

1/14 Caps

S.E. Cupp was more than a Cuppful on Redeye definitely doing nice work to an argyle cardigan. One of the Miracle on the Hudson survivors outlegged Gretchen. Martha Mac was nice in red today. Meredith, NatMo, and Tamron Hall were holding up the Today end of the bargain, not spectacularly, but serviceably. The Primer Impacto babes actually looked good today, they've been rather lackluster recently, not that I mind too much seeing as their picture quality is horrific. Jane Krakowski was friggin' amazing on Conan. She was wearing a damn short dress and stockings with some nice looking tops. There aren't many chicks in Hollywood who are like her and are just a complete babe. Conan is really bringin' the hotness recently, it's too bad he'll be out of a job soon.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

1/13 Caps

Kiran had a sitdown finally after forever. Both Gretchen and Martha nice and hot. Amy filled in on Today while the rest of the folks went to Haiti. Maria Menounos sported yet another bizarre hairdo. Bryce Dallas Howard was on Conan. Holy crap, she was smoking. How come she didn't look like that on Spider-Man 3?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Links

Check out the links that I have added along the sidebar. They will take you directly to all of my caps for your favorite GN. One click service, what more could you ask for? If you guys have any suggestions for more additions and improvements to the blog let me know. If they are technically feasible and I don't feel too lazy, I might actually implement them.

1/12 Caps

Gretchen in purple. Not a whole lot going on with the Today show. Martha was hot in hot pink and hose. Jennifer Connelly was a guest on Regis and was sporting some nice pokies. She may be anorexically thin now, but her boobs are still sizeable just like when she was in a her sex bomb heyday. Margaret Brennan had a nice long sitdown interview and she did not disappoint. Rebecca Gomez showed complete and utter disregard for the weather (as it should be) and sported one of her more amazing dresses. Go-Go understands what she is here for. And local girl Kerri Lee Halkett almost singlehandedly representing Philly on GNN these days. It's pretty bad otherwise.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1/11 Caps

Erin Burnett did a stand up appearance with Cramer on the Today. She must be learning. NatMo, Ann and Bobbie Thomas were all looking good. Martha MacCallum was sporting the official color of FNC. They are a red network after all. Margaret Brennan and Melissa Lee were showing off quite well on the financial nets. Go-Go finally returned from her "assignment" in Aruba.

Monday, January 11, 2010

1/10 Caps

Alisyn once again rocking us a mix of bare on Saturday and hose on Sunday. Lis Wiehl once again showed why she is a hall of fame guest with her amazing leg display. Kate Snow showed again that she is pathologically incapable of giving us one full good weekend at least in the winter. We got nothing from the Today show. Jamie gave us another left leg cross. Might this be a new part of the show?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

1/9 Caps

Nicole P. was on Redeye overnight and made sure to cross her legs where the slit on her skirt would show best. Too bad she was wearing boots but I'll take that slit and cross any day. Alisyn once again rocking the tight white turtleneck and the bare legs. Amy Robach and Norah O'Donnell busting out the hot hose on the Today show. Kate Snow sporting the nude hose to accentuate her pale legs. Dagen and Tracy as usual. Too bad that Dani Babb don't show up on Fox anymore. Julie B. back in a skirt but her belly is definitely enlarging (can people please stop using the term 'baby bump') and I think she's given up trying to cross her legs.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

1/8 Caps

Cheryl Casone and Sandra Smith both in hot sheer black hose. Jamie Colby in her favorite color on America's Newsroom. Margaret Brennan waited until the last day of the week to give us a real good show with a pink skirt. Not too sure about that super tweedy jacket though. A little too much. Martha MacCallum in white. One major nitpick. Kiran was wearing her wine red turtleneck which always suggests good things. But her hose/tights/whatever was so goddamn dark her legs about disappeared into the black background.

Friday, January 8, 2010

1/7 Caps

Haven't seen a Kiran sit down in a while. WTF. Only doing the walk. Jamie Colby filling in on ANR. Better than PAB for sure, when the hell is Megyn coming back? There was a nice Melissa Lee shot. In contrast, Margaret Brennan has given much at all. Kind of disappointing following the really nice Scarlet Fu run. Margaret has worn a couple tight blouses though. And Maria Menounos has reappeared on AH. Geez, when is that show going HD? I mean it's 2010 now c'mon. I know those syndicated shows tend to get upgraded last, but it's an NBC produced show and I know their studio has the capability to do HD. I think NBC is too cheap to pony up the dollars. And now that Nancy O'Dell has left, we won't get a chance to see her in HD anymore, unless she shows up somewhere else.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1/6 Caps

See my tweet, that about sums it up! Must be the post-New Year's malaise, or the Arctic freeze in place. Megyn Kelly made her New Year's Eve appearance but I have no clue when she's coming back. Better be soon, can't stand looking at PAB's chunky monkeys. I wasn't able to get a good shot of Kiran in black hose. For some reason, my clip ended up with no video, only audio. That's never happened before.

1/5 Caps

Interesting day with a lot of variety.S.E. Cupp (What an interesting name; I'm still find women using initials kind of odd) made a nice showing on Redeye. Too bad the show's annoying but I only watch it for the chicks. Mika Brzezinski was on pitching her new book and showing a lot of thigh. Ann rockin' the sweater dress like only she can. Jenna Elfman made a, uh, interesting appearance on Regis & Kelly. She's about 7 months pregnant but still insisted on wearing a tight black minidress, hose and high heels. She then proceed to not really sit on the stool but kind of drape herself over it. Looks like Golf Channel produced another episode of their travel destination show hosted by Lauren Thompson. Looks like the show is a really a shameless excuse to get her into as many bikinis as possible, which is fine by me, just don't try to sell it as some kind of golf/travel show when it's really a cheap excuse to get her into a bikini. If they would just call it the Lauren Thompson Cheesecake and Bikini Show That Is Barely Related To Golf, then I'd be fine with that. I don't even think she knows which end of the golf club to hold but who cares.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1/4 Caps

Kind of a slow day. Amy Adams made a nice appearance on GMA. Courtney Hazlett showing nice leg on Today. Too bad she has no lips. Martha MacCallum and Tracy Byrnes holding up the Fox end of the bargain.

Monday, January 4, 2010

1/3 Caps

Kate Snow showed that she is incapable of putting together 2 good days in a row on the weekend. Alisyn rocked that amazing double slit skirt. JC Monahan showing why GMA seems to have the hottest substitute weather chicks. Jamie Colby finally crossed her legs the other way. Looks like Julie is in full maternity mode, wearing a very frumpy get-up. Well, it's all Laura Ingle from here on out.

Maggie Rodriguez Pregnant

Well, you knew it would happen eventually. Maggie just looked like the type who would want another kid. I think she's like 37 or around there and certainly adores her daughter and wants to give her a little sister or brother. I kind of knew that it was just a matter of time. Only problem is that CBS is really thin at the moment with regard to talent. When Maggie was off over the holidays, Debbye Turner, the former Miss America turned vet, was on. Oh my god, is she so far gone from her Miss America days. If she's going to be Maggie's replacement when she goes on maternity, forget it. CBS really needs to find someone to fill in. Hell, use Susan Koeppen. I think there's little chance of Susan getting pregnant again (notice I didn't say "no chance", you never know with Susan) but she's game for the spot.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

1/2 Caps

Leave it to Alisyn to know what to do with the laptop lid! She even probably chastised Clayton about the laptop as well. Even he had his up, it was just at the right angle not to block her legs. Also, Amy came back from the New Year's Day snub to thumb her nose at the regulars. Kate also continued to make a probably futile case that she should have gotten the GMA job. Is it me or is Julie Banderas slipping into maternity clothes mode? There's always a point at which a pregnant newswoman succumbs to practicality and stops dressing hot. Some just delay that longer than others. Megyn Kelly kept going to the bitter end. Some others couldn't put on the mom clothes soon enough.

1/1 Caps

As mentioned before, pretty typically slow for New Year's Day. Bobbie Thomas did a pretty good display on the Today, about the only goodness from there. As mentioned before, the laptop faux pas did not adversely affect F&F because clueless Courtney didn't wear a real short dress. Shannon Bream made for a good fill-in on FNC.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

What Do You Prefer?

So look at the one picture of GMA's so-called Dream Team, and the picture of the so-called subs and tell me which one do you prefer?

From 12/31/09
From 12/31/09

12/31 Caps

A day late. Erin Burnett made the most of her apparently impromptu two day gig on the Today show. I still don't see what she brings to the table but I guess the suits want to promote her. Her hair looked real bad. Biana G. did her last substitute appearance and who knows when she'll get another chance. See my next post for more. Nicole Pettalides showing a lot of leg while filling in for Go-Go. They said she was on assignment. Why the hell would she be on assignment on New Year's Eve? Also some bonus caps from the Dick Clark New Year's Eve show, with JLo rocking a skin tight bodysuit and still showing off to the lads why she got hot to begin with, that is shaking her money maker. Also, the way-too-cute Colbie Caillat performed in Vegas.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The New Year Not Getting Off To A Good Start

I have no clue why they bother to haul the regular Today show crew in for one day. They stuck Amy at the news desk the whole time. That's a goddamn insult, it's like having to sit at the kids' table. I would have been absolutely fuming. They didn't even bother to bring her out later. They also brought Natalie in for no apparent reason. She didn't do anything. I would have told her to take the day off and sleep in seeing as how she worked New Year's Eve with Carson. And to add insult to injury, all three of them decided to boot it up and give absolutely nothing. The Fox & Friends weekenders (what do these guys do the rest of the week I wonder?) and Courtney almost combined to produce utter disaster by engaging in laptop lid blockage from hell today. Doesn't anyone there tell them to put those bloody lids down? At least back in the day Kiran would always push the screen down all the way. She knew what the score was. No one wants to see the back of a goddamn laptop screen, they want to see her gams. Courtney's probably too dumb to know how to use a laptop anyway. She probably calls the help desk all the time asking where the any key is. Anyway, disaster was averted because Courtney decided to wear a longer dress, thank god. Hopefully they don't repeat that for tomorrow. They've had this set for a few years, and while I like the spread out couch kind of thing, the table and laptop setup has got to go. Do you see any other morning shows like that? Didn't think so.